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Sparkle– A New England favorite! Late-blooming and late-ripening make this a perfect fit for homesteads, backyard gardens, hanging baskets, and U-Pick operations. It is cold hardy in all parts of the northeast including The County. An exceptional choice for fresh-eating, freezing, and preserves. The fruit is oblong and large but lacking in uniformity. It is resistant to the most common strawberry diseases and pests including red stele and leaf spot. Available now for a limited time. Local pick-up only.

Anne Raspberry shrubs

Add some edible shrubs to your landscape with these perennial golden raspberries. They produce an abundance of large berries that are sweet and firm–perfect for fresh eating, desserts, or freeze them for smoothies and other treats. Cold-hardy and heat-tolerant.

Coming Spring 2024

Fruit Trees

A great selection of apples, pears, plums, and peaches. Includes diverse, heirloom varieties that are hardy enough for cold, Maine winters. If you’d like some personal recommendations from us, send us an email, and we’ll be happy to help you find what you need.


One of our favorite orchard companion plants!

Comfrey uses its deep taproot to bring up important minerals like potassium and calcium from the sub-soil and makes them available to fruit trees. Its lovely flowers provide nectar for pollinators, and it can be used as living mulch to suppress grass and add nutrients to the soil. Not to mention, it’s a wonderful medicinal for healing cuts and burns.

Nuts and Native Species

Enhance your landscape with some Northeast natives and nut trees.

We’ve got maple seedlings as well as a limited supply of black walnuts, butternuts, and American plums. These are great long-term sources of food, beauty, habitat, shade, and medicine.

Stay tuned for more native species and shrubs in containers coming in Fall 2023.