Acer rubrum (Red Maple)

Full sun, tolerant of most sites, rugged, adaptable, wildlife attractant

80-100+’ Tall

30-40′ Wide



The Red Maple stands stately wherever it grows. Whether it is dry and exposed, or moist and partially shaded, the Red Maple will thrive. It grows upwards of 100′ and spread nearly 40′ so give this beauty room to stretch out. It grows at a moderate rate and can live a hundred years or more, providing great color and shade for longer than you’ll be around. It definitely lives up to its name as it will be red in the spring with its small, vermillion flowers that transition to bright red samaras in the autumn culminating with a crescendo of crimson, orange, and yellow as the leaves turn. This plant is as rugged as they come and is a reliable bastion of protection for our furry, feathered, and crawly friends.