Acer pensylvanicum (Striped Maple)

Shade-loving, moist-soil, slow-growing, attractive, understory tree

30′ Tall

30′ Wide


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Commonly called Moosewood, or Striped Maple this plant is a slow-growing  lover of shade and moist soil. It will reach mature heights of around 30 feet and with ideal conditions, equally as wide. The Maine state website disparages this tree unjustly, saying it is “…a tree of little value.”  However its beauty is striking throughout the year, adding texture and stunning yellows as well as its iconic leaf shape. Perhaps its most significant attribute is the way it attracts wildlife. It produces bright yellow, hanging flowers providing nectar-rich forage for pollinators. Its seeds are beloved by all seed storers. Moose, deer, and porcupines rely on this plant as well as Ruffed Grouse. I would say this tree holds tremendous value even if you can’t process it into lumber.